Monday, March 23, 2009


This year, the Program Committee & Local Arrangements Committee have really tried to emphasize social networking. In addition to "speed networking" and the consultants reception (instead of a breakfast), we are also going to try dine-arounds. The purpose of dine-arounds is to provide a venue for conference participants to meet others with similar interests.
The following Dine-Arounds will be offered during the NCPH Annual Meeting, Saturday evening, April 4th. If any interest you, please sign-up at the registration table. Most can accommodate 10-12 people. Please feel free to join any that interest you, even if you are not directly affiliated with the topic, group, or theme. Of course, graduate students are invited to attend any dine-around. In fact all of them should have the phrase "and anyone interested in working. . ."

1. "Arizona State University Alumni, Students, and friends of Noel Stowe." Restaurant: Blue Elephant.
2. "National Collaborative for Women's History Sites." Restaurant: Union Station Brewery.
3. "History Education in the Public Sector" Restaurant: Cafe Paragon.
4. "Junior and mid-career faculty." Restaurant: Kabob & Curry.
5. "National Park Service staff, consultants, and anyone interested in working for the NPS." Restaurant: TBA

If you have an idea for a Dine-Around that you would like to host, please contact me at Its best if you have a local contact to co-host, but we may be able to help you out.

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